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enum_switch: a enum-based switch thing for Python

I am doing a series of videos (spanish only!) about "modern Python", showing the modern replacements for things that are ... dense in their original forms.

So, I showed Poetry as an alternative to writing your and Click as a way to do things easier than argparse, and Pathlib instead of os.path and then I wanted to show Enums. Which are not so new since they have been there since Python 3.4 but I feel they are not used widely enough.

And then I noticed that they help do a "safer" version of the classical Python version of C's switch / case where you can be sure of not leaving any values unhandled.

So, I wrote a little thing and pushed it to PyPI:

It's a tiny project, but here's an example of how you use it.

from enum import Enum
from enum_switch import Switch

class Color(Enum):
    RED = 1
    GREEN = 2
    BLUE = 3

class MySwitch(Switch):
    def RED(self):
        return "Apple"

    def GREEN(self):
        return "Kiwi"

    def BLUE(self):
        return "Sky"

switch = MySwitch(Color)



If MySwitch was missing one of those "handlers" for the Enum values? That's an exception. If you don't want to define them all? Do a default() there.

I like this solution, but am very interested to know if someone has come up with a better one? Comments are enabled, feel free to tell me :-)


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