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Devil Said Bang (Sandman Slim, #4)

  • Au­thor: Richard Kadrey
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    There is hard­­ly a part of poor James Stark that has not been shot, cut, set on fire, hacked of­f, or sent to live in Bur­bank.

    There is no weird wom­­an in Los An­ge­les he has no his­­to­ry with, no kind of su­per­­nat­u­ral life he has not kicked the ass of, no lame bar where he has not had a drink, no clever but tough yet deep in­­­side nice bar­­ten­der he has not hit for a smoke, no re­pul­­sive act he has not com­mit­ed.

    You get the same thing as in the oth­­er three book­s. Ex­­tra noir di­a­­logue, smar­­tass­­ness, a clever phrase here and there, blood and gut­s.

    The schtick is grow­ing stale.