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Captain Vorpatril's Alliance (Vorkosigan Saga, #15)

  • Au­thor: Lois Mc­Mas­ter Bu­jold
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    Re­mem­ber when the Vorkosi­­gan books were about some­one hav­ing an ad­ven­­ture, and char­ac­ters do­ing in­­ter­est­ing things?

    Well, that was then. Now these books tend to be more about the char­ac­ters re­mem­ber­ing pre­vi­ous ad­ven­­tures, and run­n­ing in­­­to char­ac­ters that did in­­ter­est­ing things in oth­­er book­s.

    Fi­­nal­­ly around the 60% mark, a sort of plot is put in mo­­tion, and some things hap­pen. But the stakes seem low, the risk seems lit­­tle.

    I adore the Vorkosi­­gan se­ries, but this book is not good.