Sacrifices & Rock & Roll

Sorry: english only because my kbd is acting up an typing is a chore.

Here I am, writing in a place of evil so deep they charge you $56 (that's pesos) for a tiny sandwich and a bottle of water: the Gianni & Vittorio café at Córdoba Airport.

It's like Mordor, except the water is kinda-sorta-slightly-cold, and I carry no rings. And there is very little lava. But the evil... the evil is dense, as it can only be at airports, Minas Morgul, and perhaps the choripán place near Lisandro de la Torre station (which I strongly recommend).

But why do I do it? Because I have already failed. I will not post everyday this year. I may not even be close. But I will post as much as I can. And I promise it won't be filler about why I did not do a real post.

So, onto the meat of this post we go.

It's inevitable that airports will have expensive and bad food. It will be expensive because there are a limited number of sellers, and getting to be one of them is expensive. Since they can charge whatever they want, they have no incentives to provide quality or service.

Plus, they own a captive customer base, since you are locked there, and there is no place to go outside the airport etiher.

That is classic government-mandated market distortion, with the airport management as the government, and you playing the role of you. This kind of clear examples are good because they show capitalism and free market advocates actually have a decent point when they remark on the defects of imperfect markets.

OTOH, I don't see any communists around here oppressing me, I see only happy capitalists taking my money.

PS: it seems there was a tornado here today.


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