Hello, my name is Roberto Alsina. You may know me from my appearances in "KDE Developers in the Stone Age" and "PyQt programmers gone wild".

On the other hand, I am not:

  • Roberto Alsina, who lives in Houston and is active in the Argentine expatriate community.
  • Amado Roberto Alsina, paraguayan politician.
  • Roberto Ariel Alsina (aka Roberstorm) who drives a motorcycle.
  • Roberto Alsina, puertorican architect.
  • Roberto Alsina, who lives in Villa Alemana and attended Colegio Buckingham.
  • Roberto Alsina Ruibal, who I hope is wearing a wig.
  • Roberto Gonzales Alsina, who lives in Canelones. I only eat canelones.
  • The FEARED Roberto Nava Alsina who, while only 15 years old, is scoring goals in some amateur league somewhere.
  • Roberto Lebron Alsina (I have slightly more hair)
  • Roberto Antonio Gómez Alsina, activist against bullfighting

Hopefully, this will clear things up. Thanks for reading.


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