Writer's block

Interesting thing about writing a post every day: I didn't get blocked yet. Sure, this is only the 9th post, but considering my previous post-a-month cadence, and that I would just have nothing to write about, it's clear to me that writing leads to writing.

That is perhaps the most obvious thing that not everyone notices: the way to do things is to do things. The way to write free software is to write software that is free. To go to Alaska you have to go. To Alaska. To write, you have to write. To do music, you have to do music. To make bread, you have to make bread.

Will every piece of bread you make be good? Will everything you write be good? Will you get to Alaska? No. You will fail.

But if you don't do failed crap first, then there is no way to do anything decent later. I think it was Amadeo Carrizo (famous, old, goalkeeper) who said about a (not so famous, young, goalkeeper) "He's not bad, but he needs to be scored on a few hundred times more before he's good".

I have a long history of failure. I have a short story of successes. I am working on it.


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