As I was saying yesterday...

I have not posted in this blog in a long time.One ofthe reasons is that a whole lot of things have happened in my life, and I have not blogged about them.

It has gotten so that if I were to "catchup" here, I would need to post a 35-page post with 300 pictures, 100 code snippets, 50 rants and maybe 3 youtube videos.

So... screw that and let's pretend that was all a dream and that you (if there are still any "you" out there) have not been neglected, and all is good.

So, what am I posting about? Oh, just a short rant.

I am saddened and pissed off by people who proudly say "I don't know anything about X", where X is math, knitting, astrophysics, football, medicine, pet care, hairdressing, coffee brewing, politics, or dolphin-rearing (this doesn't apply to wine. It's perfectly ok not to care about wine, because most people who do care about wine are faking it).

There are tons of things I know nothing about. And you know what? Each one is a personal failure. Every time I see my mom knitting, and I simply cannot grasp how the hell it works, it pisses me off.

While it looks mind-crushingly boring, she's basically taking a string, make some knots using sticks, and producing a freaking sweater. How cool is that? I say pretty damn cool.

Whenever I see something that looks boring, or uninteresting, I always think, there is, somewhere, a person who has spent years of his life being the best at that. There is, somewhere, a person which is the world's authority on how to tie a string to make a sweater.

There is someone who is the non-plus-ultra of laying out coloured tiles so it looks good in the shape of a dolphin.

There is someone who is the best at using an incredibly inaccurate spraycan to draw on a wall.

There is someone who can look at a lot full of cars and tell you the logical order to remove them so they leave in minimum time.

There is someone who can hit a small ball, flying at 150km/h with a round stick, 1 out of every 3 times.

There is someone who can guess what word goes with almost every short definition.

There is someone who can tell you all regular spanish verbs that start with T.

There is someone who knows all about the history of journalism in Turkey (I actually walked in front of the Museum of Turkish Journalism, and it pains me that I couldn't go at the time).

There is someone who knows the dialog for every simpsons episode.

Every one of those things, and billions more, may be boring to me, but that is surely because I am failing at noticing the fun in it, it's a roughness of my soul, a failure of my perception, a flaw in my vision, which cripples me into saying they are all boring.

Boredom is not a sign of superiority, it's a sign of inferiority. Next time you see a bored person, someone that has nothing he wants to do, who looks condescendingly at those who are passionate about something, no matter what that may be, feel sad for him.


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