A new stage, blah blah blah

You surely have seen a million posts like this one. Hacker X starts saying what a great time he had at company Y/college/mom's basement/the circus and how he will always miss the people there but anyway it's great to look forward to the challenge of life at company Z/unemployment/feng shui consulting/elefant excrement shoveling.

Well, this one is pretty much the same thing.

I started working at Canonical today. Yes, Canonical. The Ubuntu guys. You may wonder what a dyed-in-the-wool KDE guy is going to do there. Well, it's a job, dude, the 90s called and they want their flamefest back.

I am the new "Engineering Manager for the Desktop+ group". What the heck is that? Well, my job is to help a bunch of talented people I like (at least the ones I've known so far ;-) deliver cool software.

I will probably not be coding much, since this is a grownup job, the kind where instead of lines of code you are supposed to develop gastric ulcers and receding hairlines while you herd cats to the closest cat shed, but I will probably manage to do something, sometimes.

This position came at a good time for me. My kid is going to be 4 next year and go to school all day. What the heck was I gonna do at home all day then, watch anime? Build killer robots? Plan how to conquer the world?

And what happens to my previous job? Well... I still have it somehow. I own a piece of Net Managers (http://netmanagers.com.ar) but I will be stepping away from the daily management and operation of the business.

So, basically, I intend to take the money and dump the work on the backs of my capable partners (just kidding). In any case, the company can work just as well without me since we can now maybe hire an employee instead of paying me, so it's win/win ;-)

On other news, I will still work in the same table as the last 5 years, doing some of the same things, with different people. It doesn't sound so big when said like that, uh? Well, I will travel more, and there are interesting challenges in this new job.

In short: canonical, little coding, still own netmanagers, happy guy.


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