No, 10/10/10 is not that special, either

Today is 10/10/10 (or rather 10/10/2010 which doesn't look so cute, right?) and again there's a flood of "this only happens every 100 years! OMG!".

At least this time it's correct. However:

How often is 10/11/10 going to happen? How often did yesterday's 10/9/10? Every 100 years, too. In fact, every date written in that format will happen once every 100 years, because that's the way dates work!

Oh, you may say, the special part is that the three numbers are the same, silly!

But then again, last year we had 9/9/9 and next year we'll have 11/11/11 (much cooler than 10/10/10!) so ... no, not that special.

OTOH, today (at 10PM) my kid and I will see the first ever episode of Ben10 Ultimate Alien (hey, 5 10s!) for the first time and that... well, that has never happened before, and will never happen again. That, friends, is special.


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