2010-07-23 02:50

Desktop apps and clouds (with video)

I enjoy creating desktop applications. That means I may be a member of a dying breed, since web apps are going to make us all obsolete next week, but I do enjoy doing it.

The bad side of it is, of course that sometimes it's much more convenient to use a web application. For example, I have abandoned my own baby (uRSSus) because google reader is just easier and more convenient to use.

But then I thought... what bothers me of uRSSus? And there are quite a few things!

  1. It's not in all computers I may use

    That means I will not ever be able to use it exclusively.

  2. It's pretty useless without an Internet connection (but so is google reader mostly)

  3. Since I can't use it exclusively, I end with feeds on uRSSus that are not on google reader and viceversa.

  4. It's freaking slow

So, I decided to see what I could do about that without giving up the good side of uRSSus:

  1. It looks much nicer than a web app, because it looks like a desktop app
  2. It does things like opening the site instead of showing the feed item (great for partial content feeds)
  3. I wrote it (yes, that's a feature for me. I like self-made programs)

So, this attempt at rewriting the desktop RSS reader produced this:

As you can see in the above video, this reader syncs the subscription list to google reader. It will also eventually sync your read/unread posts.

It still can open full sites instead of feed items, it has/will have a heck of an offline mode (full pages captured as images, for example), and... it's very very fast.

It's much faster than google reader in Chromium, and hella faster than uRSSus. That was done via smarter coding, so it probably means I was braindead before and experienced a minor recovery.

The code is not fit for release (for example, the database schema will change) but you can try it: http://code.google.com/p/kakawana/source/checkout


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