Grok 1.0 Web Development

The people at Packt Publishing has been kind enough to send me a copy of Grok 1.0 Web Development by Carlos de la Guardia.

I have now read it (sorry it took so long!) and here's my review.

It's a well-written book. The exposition is clear and the author knows the subject and what he wants to say.

I was impressed by the straightforward approach of Grok when compared to what I dimly remember of ancient Zope experiences. The idea of a modern, agile, simple framework over Zope's admittedly powerful foundation has a lot of merit.

OTOH, I am not really convinced that I should drop Django for the small web projects I have scheduled, but if you are looking for a framework, and are not heavily invested in another, Grok is certainly worth checking out.

And, if you want to learn Grok, this book does the trick.

You can read a sample chapter or get more information about the book


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