rst2pdf 0.13 released!

I've just uploaded the 0.13 version of rst2pdf, a tool to convert reStructured text to PDF using Reportlab to

rst2pdf supports the full reSt syntax, works as a sphinx extension, and has many extras like limited support for TeX-less math, SVG images, embedding fragments from PDF documents, True Type font embedding, and much more.

This is a major version, and has lots of improvements over 0.12.3, including but not limited to:

  • New TOC code (supports dots between title and page number)
  • New extension framework
  • New preprocessor extension
  • New vectorpdf extension
  • Support for nested stylesheets
  • New headerSeparator/footerSeparator stylesheet options
  • Foreground image support (useful for watermarks)
  • Support transparency (alpha channel) when specifying colors
  • Inkscape extension for much better SVG support
  • Ability to show total page count in header/footer
  • New RSON format for stylesheets (JSON superset)
  • Fixed Issue 267: Support :align: in figures
  • Fixed Issue 174 regression (Indented lines in line blocks)
  • Fixed Issue 276: Load stylesheets from strings
  • Fixed Issue 275: Extra space before lineblocks
  • Fixed Issue 262: Full support for Reportlab 2.4
  • Fixed Issue 264: Splitting error in some documents
  • Fixed Issue 261: Assert error with wordaxe
  • Fixed Issue 251: added support for rst2pdf extensions when using sphinx
  • Fixed Issue 256: ugly crash when using SVG images without SVG support
  • Fixed Issue 257: support aafigure when using sphinx/pdfbuilder
  • Initial support for graphviz extension in pdfbuilder
  • Fixed Issue 249: Images distorted when specifiying width and height
  • Fixed Issue 252: math directive conflicted with sphinx
  • Fixed Issue 224: Tables can be left/center/right aligned in the page.
  • Fixed Issue 243: Wrong spacing for second paragraphs in bullet lists.
  • Big refactoring of the code.
  • Support for Python 2.4
  • Fully reworked test suite, continuous integration site.
  • Optionally use SWFtools for PDF images
  • Fixed Issue 231 (Smarter TTF autoembed)
  • Fixed Issue 232 (HTML tags in title metadata)
  • Fixed Issue 247 (printing stylesheet)


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