Pycon Argentina 2009 Day 1

I am tired as a dog, back home after day 1 of PyCon Argentina 2009.

So, what happened:

  • I was late with my brochures because the train got delayed (doors were not closing, so we had to change trains)

  • Anyway, I got there kinda in time (about 30 minutes after registration started)

  • Saw Leito Monk's lecture

  • Saw Alejandro Cura's lecture

  • Saw the final printed version of the python tutorial in spanish. He is experimenting with very low cost printing to use for educational purposes. It looks nice, and I am a very proud uncle, since it was typeset using rst2pdf!

    I hope I can get a copy tomorrow!

  • Then the lights went out, so had a coke with Leito

  • Then lunch

  • Saw Karucha's Juegos educativos con PyGame

  • Grabbed a precious seat near a power outlet and worked in...

  • My A spellchecker in 5 minutes lightning talk! Based in this Norvig code

    I think it went fine. At least it lasted EXACTLY 5 minutes and covered all the slides :-)

  • Talked a minute with Jacob Kaplan-Moss, told him I wrote rst2pdf, he said he likes it (blush) and maybe something about using it to generate custom books to sell via

Now, to finish writing my slides for tomorrow!


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