Urssus: July 28th late at night - Released 0.2.0 and it's outdated already (with screenshots)

Yes, I released 0.2.0, and announced it on PyPI, Freshmeat and kde-apps.org, we'll see what happens.

But why is it outdated? Because I am doing nicer UI work, already.

  • The search widget is now a bottom-locked toolbar, which is much cleaner.
  • There are now 3 window layouts (normal, widescreen and combined) and each has a "long feed list" and a "short feed list" variant.

Here is widescreen-long:


And here are widescreen-short, widescreen-long, normal-short, and combined-short, all scrunched in a single screen (yes, you can run multiple urssus (urssuses? urssi?):



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