Urssus: July 27th - Released into the wild!

I spent the day bugfixing. Then, when I realized I was fixing stull like "when you delete a feed, the unread count in the parent feed is not updated correctly" and "if you go to Next Unread article and there are none, make the search wrap" I decided this thing must really be working right, since both things failed me in at least one similar program that claims to be production-ready (not akregator! ;-) So I am releasing it as 0.1.0

And I am doing it for real:

  • PyPi page for easy_install
  • Working installer! (Not quite working for windows, though)
  • Most known bugs fixed (at least 15 today)
  • Uploaded to Arch's AUR, so we Arch users can get it painlessly ;-)

It has been a nice experiment, and I will try to write something coherent tomorrow about lessons learned and such as we reach my self-imposed two week deadline for Akregator feature parity.


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